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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 2, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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to suddenly being told you have a very aggressive cancer. >> the risk builds up over years. today is called melanoma monday. men and women are being urged to see a dermatologist for early screening. 6:00 right now. chaos in seattle. protesters turned violent leaving several police officers hurt and demonstrators in cuffs. the reason thousands took to the streets across the country including here in the bay area. aviation history being made right here in the south bay. i'm bob redell with man's quest to fly around the world relying solely on the power of the sun. a road closure that could add even more problems to an already slow monday morning commute. "today in the bay" starts right
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now. a very good monday morning to you. hope you had a great weekend. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we'll get to that tassajara closure that could make things tricky. first kari hall joins us with a cloudy monday. >> clouds along the coast and in san francisco. inland area starts out with clear skies. a milder start as we go into the rest of the day, we'll see temperatures dropping five to ten degrees cooler from yesterday. looking like a great way to start out the week. 71 will be the high in the east bay and 65 with partly cloudy skies in the city. what to expect as our temperatures continue to drop this week. let's go over to mike now. looks like could you hit the cruise control in some spots. >> most of your spots. look at the green around the area. we have slowing. typical pattern here. in toward the fremont direction 880 and 680. we are tracking that crash.
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there is a tri-valley build. we'll talk about that closure. we have a reroute and more detail in a few minutes. over here that's where all the activity is or inactivity. we are showing you the backup. we have low clouds. you can see those clouds moving. there is a little breeze. not a concern for drivers but was a concern for our next story. >> thank you very much. new video from within the last hour of a historic take-off from right here in the bay area. we watched it unfold. solar impulse 2 continuing its journey across the world. listen to how quiet that is. the next stop is going to be in phoenix. we brought you take-off here on "today in the bay." >> bob redell is live at moffett field. quite the sight to see out there. >> good morning. one hour down. unfortunately about 15 hours to go just to get to phoenix.
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the up side is you don't have to rely on fossil fuel. down side, you don't have power to go fast. i want to show you live images we shot earlier. you're looking at live images from solar impulse 2. the view looking out at the world. the other side of your screen, you've got the 5:00 a.m. take-off at moffett field. it was a picture-perfect take-off. around 50 people, members of the public out here. just got permission to come out here to take a look and witness this historical event. solar impulse 2 is an unusual-looking aircraft. long wing span, the same length as a 747. on top of those wings, over 17,000 solar cells that charge the batteries that power four electric propellers. they produce as much power as a small motorcycle engine. hence the reason why solar
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impulse 2 can only travel at 47 miles an hour. that's why it's going to take the pilot 16 hours to get to phoenix. this is one leg of several legs to become the first solar powered airplane to make a trip around the world relying solely on the power of the sun without expending any fossil fuels. >> able to fly the stratosphere, stay in the air six months and do communication works of salvation. a more sustainable alternative than what is out there today. >> solar impulse 2 left abu dhabi in march last year for its around the world quest. it left japan, went to hawaii and got stuck in hawaii nine months while they repaired the
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batteries. last week the solar impulse 2 left hawaii on a two night, three day trip here to california. it crossed over the golden gate bridge. they don't know how long it will take to get across the united states. it depends on the weather and wind. that's why they took off at such an unusual hour this morning. they hope to cross over by the statue of liberty, came in the golden gate, leave by the statue of liberty and over to abu dhabi. >> crawling along into the history books. >> 6:05. popular road that helps drivers bypass gridlock will be closed for months. that could mean more traffic on interstate 580 and 680. >> talking about tassajara road. a lot of people use that to get
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around traffic. it will replace eight months to rebuild that road. it's not just nearby residents that are going to feel that impact. >> in the commute hours, it will add 40 minutes. that's going to be a big impact. >> the culvert needs to be replaced before the construction of the ranch development which will be built along the creek. in seattle, protesters got rowdy and violent during yesterday's may day rally. police officers say molotov cocktails were thrown at them, however, they were never ignited. a handful of officers and protesters were hurt. several businesses were vandalized.
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seattle police say nine in all were arrested for charges ranging from obstruction to assault and even destruction of property. much different scene here in the bay area. hundreds marched in the fruitvale district to raiseç awareness from workers' rights to housing to violence against women. in san jose, immigrants' rights was a large part of the day. >> movement in a mysterious case and a cell phone is discovered in golden gate park. that is linked to a missing person's case. this is a photo of 27-year-old
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keith green of millbrae. he was last seen at his home on thursday. anyone with information is urged to come forward. the man riding a jet ski and miss fog hours in the waters near pittsburgh was safely rescued over the weekend. the jet skier is the second man from the left in that photograph. took this picture with his savers. they were able to get to the island and finish the rescue. 6:08. follow-up for you. busy stretch of road in marin
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county is back open. the exit off northbound 101 of mill valley. opened after a weekend full of headaches there. that was from a water main break. the exit is busy on the weekend. a lot of people enjoy the great weather. a lot of people enjoy the beach. the cause of that break is under investigation. 6:09. hopeful news for california from forecasters. trying to rate the potential danger for this fire season. national interagency fire center is not lifting the state of california. among the areas of this country facing increased threat from wildfires this summer. the southwest, alaska and even hawaii make that list. conditions could leave california most vulnerable later in the season. right now things are looking good. >> that's right.
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want to check in with kari. 6:09 on this monday morning. >> it looks better we start out with low clouds and fog along the coast. inland areas are seeing a clear sunrise. will be cooler today and comfortable temperatures. here is a look at lunchtime temperatures in the north bay. 72 degrees. 64 in san francisco and the tri-valley up to 80 today. mid 60s along the coast. making it up to 76. into the neck few days, our temperature trend going downward. rain by the end of the week. i'll detail in less than 10 minutes. how is it looking on the roadways? >> it is looking great. i'm just the messenger. a smooth drive. south bay just a little build from 101 over toward the tri-valley where we have a good volume of traffic. we might get more traffic here
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with the dublin interchange. they are not responsible for that portion of tassajara that is closed. talking about folks that live here in this area traveling through santa ramon. they have to go over this way. that is closed up through december. that will be more for street traffic. likely countercommute to the dublin interchange. we are watching volume increase. some haze in the air but visibility for drivers is just fine out of the north bay. back to you. we've been watching history being made this morning. first from the sky with bob redell in moffett field. what about what's going on in the seas this morning? an american cruise ship does something that has not been done in half of a century. >> flames burst through the windows of an historic church on the east coast. the reason this destructive fire
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could have been worse. who would be better for business, clinton, trump or somebody else? trt: 4 secs
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==sam/cont vo== take a look at that. dramatic video out of new york city...shows flames ripping some terrifying images coming to us from new york. take a look at this dramatic video from the city showing flames ripping through a historic church. this happened last night just hours after worshippers had
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gathered there to celebrate orthodox easter. despite how bad that looks, all the smoke, all the flames, nobody was injured. firefighters say the flames were so intense at points when they arrived, there wasn't much they could do. no word on the cause of that fire, but that building was originally an episcopal church. prince's family is in court to begin the process what will happen sorting out his estate. he left an estimated $300 million up for grabs. it is expected it will be divided up according to minnesota state law. in that case it would go to prince's sister and five half siblings. prince died more than a week ago. cause of the death has not been released. the world's most famous circus elephants are packing their trunks and heady for retirement in florida.
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>> first as they put it, one last dance. ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus with their last show with elephants over the weekend. enough cities adopted regulations that made it too difficult for the circus to continue on with the elephant shows. those animals are going to be taken to a wildlife reserve in florida. the elephants may be out of the circus, but the circus will feature tigers, lyons, horses, dogs and camels. >> don't forget the clowns. in video coming into our newsroom. carnival's 700 passenger ship pulling into the port of havana very soon. it's the first cruise ship to arrive in cuba in more than 50 years. it will stop at several cuban cities and towns, increasing
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tourism is an port part of president obama's plan to restore diplomatic relations. looking at the front runners of the presidential case, who would be better? we don't know who the two contenders will be. what if it was trump or clinton? >> scott mcgrew with warren buffett is weighing in. >> they call him the oracle of omaha. he runs berkshire hathaway. you know its subsidiaries, dairy queen, fruit of the loom, benjamin moore paints. even duracell batteries. buffet says his business will be fine no matter who is president. trump or clinton either way we will be fine. buffet has been a clinton supporter. he's also made positive statements about bernie sanders. facebook is facing a lawsuit
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this morning over its plan to change its stock structure. last week under the plan, facebook would give current shareholders a different class of stock that would protect mark zuckerberg's control of the company. zuckerberg and his wife plan to give away most of their facebook chock to charity. if they do that, zuckerberg would no longer have control over his own company. this new plan solves this. shareholders filed suit. google did something very similar last year and faced a similar suit. stocks had a terrible week last week. all three major indices lower by apple. sell your positions. stocks tend to go down between now and november generally. we once invented the same thing.
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if there are kids on the nasdaq, the nasdaq will trade positive that day. it was true about 80% of the time. you can have your own rules. they are probably going to work out in your favor. >> kids, throw puppies on there and we'll be smooth sailing. >> that is a win/win situation. > can you take them to the playground today? >> always. rain or shine let those kids run. >> let those kids run out today. no hot paws for the pets at the park. it is going to be much cooler. looking from mt. tam you see clouds rolling. in south bay, all clear skies. clouds are hugging near the coast and parts of the north bay. our temperatures are milder. it's 51 in san francisco. 53 in the south bay. let's drop in on the east bay.
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52 in livermore. 49 in castro valley. walnut creek at 46. we break it down for san francisco feeling nice even to start out the day into the lower 60s. we see that sun breaking out from behind those clouds at lunchtime. 65. not as windy as yesterday. our temperatures coming down in some spots about five to ten degrees looking at the microclimates. palo alto 78. 65 on the embarcadero. 80 in antioch. 80 in pleasanton. seven-day forecast shows our temperatures will come down and we'll have rain in the forecast. it starts out late wednesday night. scattered showers in the forecast on friday to early saturday morning before it moves far enough east to see those
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rain chances going down. over the next three days, rain begins to move in. late wednesday into early thursday. that's when we will have the coolest temperatures of the week reaching to the upper 60s for the south bay peninsula, san francisco. 62. upper 60s for the north bay. east bay 64 thursday. as we look ahead to the weekend, rain rolls out. we go into sunday. saturday afternoon at this point looks nice. our temperatures will be nice and comfortable. looking at mid 70s for high temperatures for the inland valleys. let's go to mike for an update. unusual slowing for the tri-valley. >> a little unusual. look at your big view of the bay. south bay looks great. it is in the tri-valley. 680 toward fremont. there is your build pattern. right by the dublin interchange.
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southbound 680. we see a little more slowing and we have that closure this area the top of your screen. adding congestion and tracking that closely. over here, san mateo bridge shows slowing. both sides of the bay are cover buying our live coverage. westbound on the decline toward foster city. you can't see that big build off the high rise. look at the other side. 92 the build on the dunbarton bridge. >> it is 6:22. another critical day in the white house in the race to it. less than 24 hours away. >> we are watching indiana, their primary is tomorrow. tracie potts. what this could mean for bernie sanders and ted cruz.
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california ... several presidential candidates are criss-crossing indiana - hoping tdr after a very busy weekend in california, several presidentiaç candidates are crisscrossing indiana. >> tracie potts live in washington, d.c. indiana has become a critical state for both sides of the aisle. >> exactly for bernie sanders and ted cruz. our polls show is a 15-point lead by donald trump. trump says this one is in the bag. he's effectively the nominee. cruz thinks he can still stop donald trump in indiana. he's got four stops there today,
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trying to make that last argument for people to vote for him there. he's got the endorsement of a governor who will travel with him at least one of those stops today. john kasich decided to back out of indiana all together. you've got bernie sanders who doesn't have much of a gap to make up with hillary clinton. he is only about four points behind. he is so far behind in the delegate count that even he is acknowledging this could be an uphill battle. >> tracie potts live from washington, thank you very much. >> malia obama is going to harvard, but not right away. >> she had the grades, the legacy and the obama's made that announcement yesterday. malia graduating high school next month. they were so young when they first came into the white house. she will not start the classes until fall of next year. harvard encourages students to defer enrollment to travel or
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pursue other interests. coming up, drive-by shooting not far from a san jose elementary school. the get away vehicle police are looking for. california dreaming or dreaming of leaving california? i'm kris sanchez and i have the results of a new survey. joining us.
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i'm sam brock =laura/2shot= and i'm laura garcia cannon. (toss kari) =wx at wx ctr= =wsi full=
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good monday morning. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. hope you are coming off a great weekend. >> we start out with patchy fog and low clouds along the coast. elsewhere we see a clear start to the day. temperatures in the low 50s. it will be cooler today. looking at highs that will be at least five to ten degrees cooler than yesterday. up to 73 in the north bay. 65 in san francisco, and upper 70s for the south bay. after having upper 80s there yesterday, will be a little bit of relief. temperatures continue to cool through the rest of the week. i'll talk more about that and a look at the rain chances in a few minutes. mike will give us a look at the east bay and south bay slowing. >> that's the only area where we see appreciable change. we'll cover the tri-valley and east bay. i want to show you we are watching southbound 680 al
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costa. there is a closure forcing more folks over to canyon road. we'll track that closely. so far mild impact toward the tri-valley. east bay, typical buildup. bay bridge toll plaza and san francisco bridge. san jose northbound 101. slowing from 680 up to oakland road and the airport. >> it's 6:31. pretty incredible new video from the sky above. this is the solar impulse 2 as it took off this morning. it left moffett field earlier. we featured it live here on today in the bay. hopefully we'll get you some of that new video. >> making its way there at 47 miles per hour.
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also new, the bay area might be beautiful, but a new poll just released this morning shows that many people living here want to pack up their stuff and leave the region. >> kris sanchez live in san jose with some of the reasons why. >> reporter: good morning to you. every time we get together with friends and family, the cost of living comes up as part of the conversation. it's no surprise as to why when you consider the pressures of housing and transportation. according to a survey from the bay area, transportation is a big frustration for most people. 31% say getting around is about the same as it was a year ago. 34% say it's harder. 20% say it's harder all together. when it comes to the ease of finding housing, the number of people who say it's hard to find affordable living, that number is growing.
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74% of people are saying it's harder to find someplace to live and only 3% saying it's easier now that the recovery is under way. median home price in the bay area hit $1.25 million in 2015 according to the stayed board of equalization. consider according to the economic policy institute, it costs at least $80,000 for a family of four to live comfortably in the bay area. the bay area council surveyed more than 1,000 people online. not a lot of impact from the margin of area. bay area council will reveal more of its findings by the number of people who want to leave california in the coming years. a lot of that is talk. it could become more real if these situations do not change. kris sanchez, today in the bay. >> thank you very much. one of the reasons people might want to bolt is the cost of
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living. another bay area city is debating boosting the bottom line for its lowest wager. san mateo county members are discussing minimum wage that could go beyond $15 per hour minimum. this debate is going to focus on phasing in planned hikes at a much faster rate. readers will ask for input at tonight's meeting and decide their next course of action. santa rosa council members are reportedly considering taking the next step implementing rent control. council members are ready to decide setting annual rental increases on units built before 1995. they are considering whether or not to ban unfair evictions. keith green was last seen at home thursday. he left behind most of his belongings including his wallet
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and car. friday a hiker found his cell phone in san francisco. if you have seen green, please call police. we know a bay area man died in a plane crash in nevada. the single engine plane run by sky combat ace crashed in a remote part of the desert saturday 30 miles south of las vegas. the passenger steve peterson and the pilot both died on impact 0. sky combat ace sometimes allows customers to fly stunt planes with instruction supervisions. officials have not said whether it's the instructor or passenger controlling that plane. >> san jose police are looking for suspects in a drive by shooting. it happened yesterday two blocks from os hubbard elementary school. a black truck pulled up to a house and shots were fired at a man standing in the driveway. mat than was hit but is expected to survive. another shooting, this time
6:36 am
north in san san francisco. a man shot across the street from california's supreme court in the city. now the hunt forethat gunman is continuing. it happened last night about 9:30 on golden gate avenue and larken street. police are not releasing a motive. a restaurant searching for a thief. you can see the man walk up to the counter then grab a donation jar for autism awareness. it all happened at digger iodiner on farm bureau road. it posted this surveillance video on the facebook page. concord police ask you give him a call. a show of dominance from the gold hen state warriors over the weekend. clay ended up with 37 points
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from beyond the arc and the lane. >> good to get off to a great start and try to sustain it for 48 minutes. you are not going to shoot like that every game. >> andrew bogan had a nice game there. the good news is that steph curry could be ready to go as early as game three in portland which will be this saturday. shocks will fly to nashville today up two games to none. a famous cat was spotted on the ice. >> cats and sharks. small black cat.
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>> it's been examined by a vet. >> look at him. >> his fur is wet. they are looking to see if it has a micro chip for identification purposes if not, the team is working with animal shelters to make sure it gets adopted. >> i'll take it. >> i've got a few. 6:38. >> i said i had a lot of kids. >> how is your house looking? >> sam. she didn't say the house was messy.
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by the end of the week we'll be tracking rain. how is it looking on the roads? messy out there? >> not so messy. i said busy. a little more traffic around san jose. we have a typical pattern. southbound 680. a crash on the shoulder. a little build heading to the caldecott. >> your fast lane may be blocked. i'll get more details. we do have the build there as well as bay bridge toll plaza. a live look will show you it's looking good. left lane starting to see cash
6:40 am
lane showing some relief. low clouds hovering around but visibility for drivers okay. >> coming up next, princess charlotte celebrating her first pirt day. a look how the royal family is marking this special occasion. >> so cute. >> adorable. >> why you don't want to keep your uber driver waiting. the dow in posterity after a terrible week last week. business and tech news ahead. details by the visit of the florida governor here to the bay area this week. what he is doing here a week after the airing of ads some consider attacking on california by florida. violent clashes between protesters and police out in seattle. several officers injured. we are live aboard the first u.s. cruise ship in half a
6:41 am
century to head to port in havana, cuba. plus looking at some of the most infamous crime stories beginning with the o.j. simpson trial. an exclusive live interview with christopher darden. those stories and elvis presley's granddaughter taking hollywood by storm. coming to the bay area - to draw
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jobs to florida. that's the purpose of a visit from the governor of the sunshine state... and he's using controversial new radio ads - coming to the bay area to draw jobs to florida. he is using controversial radio ads to push that message across.
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>> stephanie chuang live from san francisco. rick scott is expected to arrive in the bay area as early as today and trying to poach from our best companies. >> good morning. he has been trying for years. we know his three-day visit spans l.a. and san francisco. hisç visit does come a week afr radio ads aired here in this market criticizing california's recent approval of the minimum wage hike to $15 an hour by 2022. >> economists predict it will be too much for companies to afford so they'll do lay-offs, replace people with computer kiosks and robots. >> that features a conversation claiming this wage hike will cost 700,000 californians their job. that is not based on any studies done here in california. governor scott has been touting florida business perks, $8.05
6:45 am
minimum wage, no income tax and slashing of thousands of regulation. governor jerry brown's office responded saying he in california are tackling issues scott in florida are ignoring, including poverty and climate change. saying california has added twice as many jobs in florida since scott came to california on a similar mission a year ago. scott counters that is an unfair comparison. scott first wrote an open letter to california businesses in 2013 advising them to buy a one-way ticket to florida to get away from what he called the more taxing and spending formula here in california. though he hasn't had much to show since that visit three years ago. he might be going at the right area though to convince californians. according to the census, searching for jobs and more affordable housing is what drove about 2/3 of people looking to
6:46 am
move between 2014 and 2015. in a very windy san francisco, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> as stephanie mentioned, the governor's efforts have not worked out so far but lots of people leave california. >> scott mcgrew, some find greener pastures in colorado and oregon. >> joint venture in silicon valley found californian natives were moving away from the golden state but foreigners were moving in. many coming from china and india giving the bay area a net growth. though that growth is slowing. earlier kris sanchez told us how frustrated peerm finding affordable housing. uber market would fine you for making your driver wait. once your app notified you your
6:47 am
driver arrived, you have two minutes to get to the car or it will charge you for making that driver wait. this monday morning, tesla reports profits on wednesday. we'll be interested to hear about how many cars are rolling off the assembly line. friday the labor department tells us how many jobs were created in the last month. the bitcoin is abuzz after a man in australia this morning said he created the currency. he told the bbc he is the guy. this is not the first time the world thought it found the bitcoin guy a few years ago the media hounded this fellow. he said he never heard of bitcoin. not everybody is convinced this new guy is the right guy. what does it matter? it doesn't. people like a mystery. >> until the next guy. >> exactly. >> britain's youngest princess
6:48 am
celebrating her first birthday. >> and the royal family parking the special occasion releasing new photos of the little princess charlotte. kensington palace released these photos taken by her mother. the daughter of prince williams and kate spent the first year out of the public eye. she's rarely seen or photographed. these were taken by the duchess in april at their country home. for their many fans across the world, it's four new pictures getting released that people are going gaga over. thousands of comcast employees across the country rolled up sleeves to put in hard work to help out local communities. >> my back hurts a little bit this morning. it was so much fun to take part. comcast care day is our way of giving back. loc locally, earl fros was one of
6:49 am
the sites to get a makeover. a lot of one. volunteers worked on landscaping, we painted murals and put in an outdoor eating area for the kids. it's fun to get out there early and make a difference. it was probably the largest gathering i've seen participating in these now several years. >> transform the school. >> it's so cool. the kids were doing it. >> you were there, mike was there. >> i missed this year's events. >> especially the high places. >> i got to see scott painting. we had a good time this morning i wonder what the kids faces look like heading into school to see it looks completely different. also taking a look from mt. hamilton. we have a clear blue start to the day in the south bay.
6:50 am
53 in the south bay. san francisco, the east bay 61. we get a closer look at some of these temperatures now. morgan hill 52. downtown is 51. we start out with patchy fog along the coast k. it will be cooler today. 65 will be your lunch time temperature in san francisco. north bay up to 72. seeing the high in the tri-valley reaching 80. 76 in the peninsula. after having such a warm weekend, it feels about five to ten degrees cooler today. palo alto lunchtime 69. mostly sunny skies. 71 and reaching into the mid 70s with the breezy onshore wind. 5:00 it's 72. seven-day forecast. we will have temperatures reaching into the 60s along the coast. 70s for inner bay and 80s for some of those inland spots. then as we go through the rest
6:51 am
of the week. scattered showers pop-up in the forecast. especially on thursday. these areas here show you the direction of the wind. this counterclockwise because we will have an area of low pressure that is on top of us. then as it moves off to the east, we will have more of an offshore flow. scattered showers between friday and saturday morning before that system moves to the sierra and could bring in rain and snow there. we are look agent potential of pop-up showers. not everyone will see that rain. it will be more of a scattered variety. it will be hard to make plans to get outside. 67 will be your temperature by the end of the work week. up to 64 in the east bay. as we head into the weekend. still a chance of showers on friday. early saturday morning. all of that moves out and sunday will be the best day of the weekend with no worries and comfortable temperatures. highs in the low 70s.
6:52 am
in the north bay sunday. 76 in the south bay and 74 for the end of the weekend in the tri-valley. let's head over to mike tracking two crashes in the east bay. >> i just seconds ago got the latest update. better news for both areas. nothing unexpected for silicon valley. we have san mateo and dunbarton with that westbound push. we are tracking the tri-valley. we are looking at improvement. marina had a crash blocking one lane. looked like they moved everything out of the lane to the right shoulder. that is a much better traffic flow. northbound you saw that color change, slower now out of hayworth. southbound 680 through pleasant hill off 242. a crash that just cleared. that was the latest update.
6:53 am
should see more folks town toward the walnut creek interchange. dublin 580. live look shows you an easy drive passing tassajara. that's the off ramp. it it is cut off till december. >> thank you, mike. if you bought a powerball ticket in san jose, you could be a big winner. >> powerful ticket. this valero gas station on saratoga avenue sold a ticket worth more than $1 million. the owner of the store gets about $6,000. there was no major jackpot winner overall which means the pot continues to grow. it stands at $348 million for wednesday's drawing. the $1 million, i'll take it. check your ticket. up neck, history in the sky. you saw it live here on "today in the bay" if you were up at 5:00.
6:54 am
much more from moffett field as solar impulse 2 continuing its journey around the world. 6:53. a mysterious odor in east bay has officials wondering what it is. watch the story now. >> yshg head to you can watch our investigation into the growing problem of tech buses rolling through local streets. i want to show you some cutting edge technology.
6:55 am
this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
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here are the top stories on nbc bay area.... ==laura/2shot== less than two hours ago - the historic solar welcome back. 6:7:00 on your monday morning. the solar impulse 2 took off from the bay area headed for phoenix. bob redell has been live at moffett field. it was quite the sight to see. >> it is. you think about it, two hours down, 14 hours to go. that's the down side of being in a solar aircraft. that's how long it's going to take, 16 hours, over half a day to get from moffett field to phoenix. this was the moment 50 people arrived to see this morning and witness aviation history. around 5:00 a.m. solar impulse 2 took off from mott view. on top of those wings over
6:58 am
17,000 solar cells. they charge the batteries that power four electric propellers. they produce as much power as a small motorcycle. that's why the aircraft can only travel 47 miles per hour and why it takes 16 hours to get to phoenix. the man at the control is a swiss aviator. he and his partner have taken turns flying solar impulse in attempt to become the first pilot to fly the plane around the world. they started in be a abu dhabi in march. from japan they took a five night/five day trip in hawaii. got stuck in hawaii nine months to fix the batteries. last week they made it here across the golden gate into california. this morning because of the wind conditions were right they were able to take off 5:00 a.m. they are hoping to make historic
6:59 am
aviation history. >> i hope they make it. slow but steady wins the race. >> they've got a lot of solar power out there today. lots of sunshine going on. we do have some clouds along the coast. highs today will be cooler than yesterday. feeling very comfortable in the mid 70s. >> a new closure to get used to. >> let's show folks what we are watching for changes. overall the bay looks great. no big surprises. over here don't get caught by surprise. there is tassajara. that closure starting today going through december. folks are cut off from 580 from the north. they have to get over there via branch road and windermere to costa. looks like things are sorted out.
7:00 am
>> okay. good to know. we'll be back at 7:25. good morning. breaking overnight, a may day march in seattle erupts into violence. protesters hurling rocks, bricks and flares. police using pepper spray and stun grenades to disperse the crowd. at least five officers injured, nearly a dozen people arrested. double digit lead, donald trump up big in the polls heading into tomorrow's crucial primary in indiana. >> they are joking. don't let me fall. don't let me fall. >> will the hoosier state be ted cruz's last stand. on the democratic side bernie sanders is vowing to fight to the bitter end.


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